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Mozart's Vienna2612

“I assure you that this is a magnificent place …” wrote Mozart on 4 April 1781 to his father Leopold in Salzburg. With this quotation as a starting point, the exhibition on the third floor deals with Mozart’s personal and social situation in Vienna.

A multimedia installation shows all the places Mozart lived in during his years in Vienna. Visitors can also find out interesting information about the places where he performed and the major personalities in his life, the socio-political context, his links with the Freemasons and his social life: balls, gambling, fashion, literature and science.

An installation with five peepholes gives a forbidden glimpse of the erotic “amusements” in this era. These rare shows are set up at either side of the “Grabennymphen” installation, in which visitors can look down through a door onto a stylised scene of the Graben showing refined gentlemen and not so refined ladies of easy virtue.