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Special Exhibition until 30. January 2022


Similarities - parallels - opposites

The common life dates of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven spanned almost a century (1732–1827). They range from baroque to romantic. In between is the epoch that went down in the history of music as the "First Viennese School", and in which it was above all the triad that shaped and revolutionized the classical music.

In the of Walter Reicher's curated special exhibition 2020/2021 at the Mozarthaus Vienna is used to explore these three giants of the music world based on selected subject areas. Mozart and Haydn were close friends and played together in Mozart's apartment on Domgasse. Beethoven - whose 250th birthday will be celebrated in 2020 - would have liked to be a student of Mozart, later Haydn became his teacher. These relationships are explored in the exhibition as well as other aspects of these outstanding artists. What are their respective contributions to the development of the "First Viennese School"? What connected them personally? What did they think of each other? Are there parallels in their CVs and worldviews? What childhood experiences and teachers shaped you? All of these questions - right down to their respective lives and afterlife and their different approaches to popular culture - are clearly illustrated in the exhibition with selected objects and texts.

An exhibition in cooperation with the International Joseph Haydn Private Foundation Eisenstadt

Curator: Dr. Walter Reicher, Chairman of the International Joseph Haydn Private Foundation Eisenstadt

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The new business lounge at the Mozarthaus Vienna

The Mozarthaus Vienna has new light-flooded areas with a combination of historical and modern elements. In addition to the concert hall of Mozarthaus Vienna, the place of Mozart's life and work in Vienna, the new business lounge on the 4th floor offers a highly attractive atmosphere.  

A suitable setting for exclusive incentives, presentations or seminars and just a few minutes' walk from Stephansplatz. The spacious lounge area has been furnished with velvet sofas and benches and Jean Paul Gaultier fabrics from the „Nouveaux Classiques“ collection of the ROCHE BOBOIS interior. A modern portrait of W.A. Mozart by Austrian artist Oskar Stocker completes the ambience. The result: exquisite rooms with a very special flair.

Restoration-exposed murals from the Mozart period give an impression of the life of the 18th century. Coupled with modern presentation technology, a convenient data transmission system and a bar & catering area, the new Business Lounge at Mozarthaus Vienna offers the desired setting for your event.


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