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Mozart & Women
An exhibition by the artist Oskar Stocker in cooperation with Mozarthaus Vienna

An exhibition of artworks by Oskar Stocker on women and Mozart can be seen from 11 May to 2 October 2022 – women as part of his circle, and female figures in his operas.

Hasn’t everything already been said about Mozart and his women?
No, because the artist Oskar Stocker is not interested primarily in Mozart and his real or imagined lovers but approaches the musical genius through his diverse relationships with women. The leitmotif running through the exhibition is Mozart’s relationship to the women in his life and to his female opera figures. Stocker’s portraits of women give an indirect portrait of the composer himself – imprecise, sketchy and shadowy.

Oskar Stocker offers portraits of six women who influenced his life: his mother, his sister, his wife, his mistress, a student and a patron. They resemble one another as prototypes of the life of women in the eighteenth century. There are also sketches of female opera characters and singers, for whom Mozart wrote specific arias: the Queen of the Night, Susanna and Donna Anna. These fictional characters are quite distinct. The portraits portray painterly emotions concentrated into powerful images.

The exhibition offers several approaches to the theme. First there are Oskar Stocker’s portraits, far from strict realism. Then there is a musical approach through the innovative interpretations by the Mozart conductor Sascha Goetzel. How does Mozart characterize women’s roles through music? And finally there is the access to the real women through short biographies by the cultural historian Andrea Kühbacher.

Stocker is also showing oil paintings on aluminium and paper entitled “Women & Mozart” at ArtèQ Gallery (Johannesgasse 17, 1010 Vienna).

© Mozarthaus Vienna/Alexander Ch. Wulz

Official opening of the special exhibition “Mozart & Women”
An exhibition by the artist Oskar Stocker in cooperation with the Mozarthaus Vienna

On May 10, 2022, the Mozarthaus Vienna opened the new special exhibition "Mozart & Frauen" with works by the artist Oskar Stocker in the presence of numerous invited guests.

Official opening in the presence of numerous guests

After the welcome by Dr. Gerhard Vitek, director of the Mozarthaus Vienna, and Dr. Kurt Gollowitzer, Managing Director of Wien Holding, the musicologist Melanie Unseld gave theoretical insights into the topic of "Mozart & Women" - followed by a tour of the exhibition with the artist.

In the new special exhibition, Oskar Stocker approaches Mozart through his multifaceted relationship to women: the focus is on relationships with the women in his life and with his female opera characters. Stocker's portraits of women create an indirect portrait of the composer himself - imprecise, hazy, silhouette-like.

“It is important to us that people who visit our museum can immerse themselves in Mozart's world. Here you can approach the musical genius on many different levels and thus always learn new aspects of Mozart's life and work. Oskar Stocker's portraits also give our visitors a whole new perspective on the composer," says Kurt Gollowitzer, Managing Director of Wien Holding.

"With his music, the genius Mozart sketched the most diverse types of women, making all octaves of possible relationships and human emotional states such as love and hate, jealousy, passion, eroticism and beauty tangible and audible," says the artist Oskar Stocker.

The musical supporting program with chamber singer Ildikó Raimondi, pianist Hiroe Imaizumi and soprano Ezgi Alhuda rounded off the opening ceremony in an atmospheric way.

MHV-Dir. Gerhard Vitek, Pianistin Hiroe Imaizumi, Sopranistin Ezgi Alhuda, Künstler Oskar Stocker, KS Ildikó Raimondi, GF Wien Holding Kurt Gollowitzer © Mozarthaus Vienna/Alexander Ch. Wulz

The new business lounge at the Mozarthaus Vienna

The Mozarthaus Vienna has new light-flooded areas with a combination of historical and modern elements. In addition to the concert hall of Mozarthaus Vienna, the place of Mozart's life and work in Vienna, the new business lounge on the 4th floor offers a highly attractive atmosphere.  

A suitable setting for exclusive incentives, presentations or seminars and just a few minutes' walk from Stephansplatz. The spacious lounge area has been furnished with velvet sofas and benches and Jean Paul Gaultier fabrics from the „Nouveaux Classiques“ collection of the ROCHE BOBOIS interior. A modern portrait of W.A. Mozart by Austrian artist Oskar Stocker completes the ambience. The result: exquisite rooms with a very special flair.

Restoration-exposed murals from the Mozart period give an impression of the life of the 18th century. Coupled with modern presentation technology, a convenient data transmission system and a bar & catering area, the new Business Lounge at Mozarthaus Vienna offers the desired setting for your event.


© MHV / Eva Kelety