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Our Vision

I can assure you that this is a wonderful place and the best in the world for my profession
Mozart describes Vienna in a letter to his father on April 1781

The fascination of music combined with the new ideas uniquely represented by Mozart are vividly present and transmitted to the world in the composer’s only surviving residence in Vienna, where he enjoyed his most productive and creative period. Our visitors can experience the genius and imagination of Mozart in all its facets at this authentic historical site and obtain a feel for his surroundings and the world he lived in.

Our Mission

We seek to communicate Mozart’s life and work in a modern and realistic manner that can be understood by all visitors, linking the magnitude of the composer’s musical vision with themes from our own times.

We make Mozart’s behavior our own, in particular through three aspects in Mozarthaus Vienna that we seek to communicate and bring alive:

  • Mozart sought to entertain.
    His music is the medium for bringing visitors into contact with Mozart’s personality. For that reason, Mozarthaus Vienna not only presents the composer’s life and works but also stages concerts and other events.
  • Mozart sought to educate – himself and others.
    We therefore see our mission in Mozarthaus Vienna also as an educational institution offering various cultural programs  providing information about Mozart. We link up with other Mozart specialists to provide a comprehensive exchange of knowledge.
  • Mozart sought to connect.
    We therefore endeavor to create an innovative connection between the past and the present both in terms of content and as a business model, offering visitors a memorable experience that pays tribute to his work, his life, and his values.

We offer various approaches to Mozart: through his work, his personality, and his surroundings—by means of historical documents and with the aid of modern technology and creative methodological tools. Our aim is to be the first address for Mozart in Vienna.

Our Values

As a professional team we have set ourselves the task of absorbing Mozart’s spirit and communicating it to others. We seek to make Mozart’s values our own and to focus in our work on communicating his underlying aim of cultural development and his emotional commitment to conveying quality, authenticity and beauty, in a manner that meets the highest quality requirements but is also readily accessible to visitors.
Mozart’s music is also a vehicle for humanistic principles. In Austria the Enlightenment ideals were communicated powerfully through music. Mozart represents values such as freedom, equality, and tolerance, elements that permeate all of his work and also guide us. Music was the language he used to communicate his ideas, a language which is understood and which embraces everyone.
Mozart created magic moments, and we seek to do the same and in this way to transmit Mozart’s values to the world.