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General and specific themed tours in various languages adapted to the age group can be booked in advance.

Apart from an extensive presentation of Mozart’s life and work, the tours can also focus on the social, political and historical context.

The 60-minute guided tours are offered in different languages and can be booked individually or for school classes. In addition to these individually bookable tours, Mozarthaus Vienna offers a 30-minute guided tour of the special exhibition at 11 am on every Sunday. (Free with valid ticket for the Mozarthaus Vienna)

Guided tours for school classes € 25
Guided tours for adult groups € 60
(duration in both cases: 1 hour)

Online reservation

Possible ideas for guided tours:
Mozart and his time

This tour involves the entire museum with focus on the eighteenth century, particularly life at that time, important historical events and also the Freemasons.

Mozart and his family
The entire museum, showing how the Mozart family lived, is the subject of this tour. Special attention is paid to Mozart’s apartment, his childhood, marriage and own children.

Mozart and musical colleagues 
Mozart’s musical colleagues like Joseph Haydn, Antonio Salieri and Lorenzo da Ponte are the focus of this tour. Lesser known figures like Gluck, Clementi and Wranitzki are also considered.

Mozart and his travels
The various stories about Mozart’s travels to western Europe, Italy, Prague and Paris form the basis for this tour.