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Baroness Martha Elisabeth von Waldstätten (1744 – 1811)

Mozart’s student, accomplice and sponsor

Dearest, best, most beautiful, gilded, silvered and sugared, worthiest and most estimable baroness!, wrote Mozart in 1782 to Baroness Martha Elisabeth von Waldstätten.

She was a rich woman who took piano lessons from Mozart. And she offered him generous support in many ways. He also thanked her for the beautiful red frock-coat with mother-of-pearl buttons and gold embroidery, which – at her suggestion – became his trademark.

When Constanze had problems with her mother because of the marriage plans, the baroness took in the young woman, introduced her to society and gave her the necessary polish. Mozart was also able to meet Constanze secretly in her home.

The baroness arranged the wedding feast for Constanze and Wolfgang and wrote cheerfully to father Leopold, who was upset by the marriage.